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Hi fellow readers!

This month the Kids Book Club will meet online on Thursday, April 30 at 4pm.    We will send out a Zoom invitation towards the end of the month so anyone who wants to join in can, even those of you who might not be in Bozeman!

The book chosen for this month is the classic Call of the Wild by Jack London. This book is available on the Library’s Hoopla site as either an eBook or an audio book, so everyone can read it or listen to it for free.

You can also order from Country Bookshelf or other bookstore, but you know how much we love our local independent bookstore. They can deliver!

Warning: I have to give you all a heads-up that this book gets a little violent. If you were able to see the new movie with Harrison Ford in the theaters this spring, they toned the violence down a bit. It might be a good book to read with a parent aloud, so that you can skip over or talk about the brutality. Commonsense Media recommends ages 12+ but other reviews say 9+. Use your own judgement, or feel free to wait until we choose a new book in May. 

So, the story: Buck is a large dog living the good life on a comfortable California estate in the 1890s when he's kidnapped and transported to the Yukon in Canada to be a sled dog during a gold rush there. At first he tries to rebel, but he is soon beaten into submission. As he passes through a succession of owners, he finds that ancient instincts from his wolf ancestors are awakening within him, enabling him to survive and prosper in the brutal wilderness of the North. It is a tale that is brutal at times but ultimately an uplifting story about inner dignity and what it takes to be a leader. One parent said it’s a story about kindness. (This is from Commonsense Media.)

call of the wild movie imageSome of you may have seen the movie this spring in the theaters.  The Call of the Wild has become the latest 2020 movie to be given an early digital release. On March 27, Disney made the movie available to buy on all major digital entertainment stores, where it costs $14.99 to watch online. However, the Harrison Ford-starring flick has not been given a Disney+ release date yet. This is despite it being on paper a perfect Disney+ release. Rated PG, it fits perfectly in the streaming service's "family-friendly" catalog. It stars Ford, star of Disney's Star Wars movies, and calls back Disney's tradition of dog-focused movies that goes at least as far back as Old Yeller in 1957.

Please email Cindy at if you have any questions or concerns about this book. Enjoy the extra time to read, and I look forward to hearing from you!



The Kids' Book Club meets monthly on Thursdays at 4:00 PM in the Student Corner in the Children's Room to talk about a new title chosen every month.  The book club is open to readers 8 and up; parents are welcome!  Call the Children's Desk at 582-2404 for details.








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